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Miwako Kimura’s interest in fashion began at an early age. She learned sewing and knitting when she was a child, and followed her passion through fashion college in Tokyo, Japan.

She then worked as a fashion designer there until she departed to pursue a jewelry career in 1991. Her first material, cattle bone, was unusual, but after bleaching, carving and polishing, became beautiful, ivory- like, jewelry.

After moving to New York in 1994, she began working with other natural materials, such as fossils, amber, semi-precious stones, pearls, sterling silver, gold, and platinum.

Originally self taught, and later formally trained at The Fashion Institute of Technology, Miwako’s pieces have sold in stores in New York and Tokyo, and in the gallery setting.

Miwako still creatively utilizes unconventional materials, such as chandelier glass, antique keys, and vintage jewelry parts.

Miwako resides in New York City and designs and fabricates all of her jewelry.

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